Happy New Year!!!

And a good year it will be! I have always said that nothing worse can happen as last year’s ‘events’, but somehow I always repeat that same sentence about 12 months or so later. It’s a cycle of adaption. As you get used to the last year’s negativities, you make room for new ones, it…… Continue reading Happy New Year!!!

My nameless place.

The KFC directions got me as close as middle of nowhere after leaving the subway, in the suburbs. Between all these apartment building blocks, all placed perfectly for tens of thousands while there were no people on the streets. Yet, according to others there was something out there. I’ll just make a loop through the ‘hood, I thought,…… Continue reading My nameless place.

An uneducated mind in Budapest.

Getting around European cities in times where I’d previously have gone ‘Dutch’, personally meaning: being ill prepared and cheap. One has to rely mostly on stranger’s directions for the make shift plans you might have. Especially in a time where mobile internet was just getting started and I’d have to wait for a decade to share such pleasures myself. So that sucks.
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