Oh dear, we have to stop seeing each other..

Here’s a thing that’s going through my mind as a gamer once and a while and I’m sure fellow ‘holy’ hobbiests can confirm similar thoughts: “Boy, my backlog is beyond huge now, but I will have shitloads to play when I’m in old.” Well if you are like me, here’s me sounding like a douchebag:…… Continue reading Oh dear, we have to stop seeing each other..

Dear Hobby.

Dear Hobby, I want to express my gratitude for staying with me all these years, I could not, have frequently escaped from life, if I never met you. But I want to say that’s okay though, because when you were just a little hobby, nobody seemed to understand the power you could have over others over…… Continue reading Dear Hobby.

Odin’s wrath.

Red flags encounting, our host seems to be an incontrollable factor in even the most chic places, like the ‘Boss’s restaurant’. He did not even try to impress anyone anymore and I started to get worried about the bill suddenly. It’s time to add a paella-pan table to ours to expand I think, luckily Jesus was…… Continue reading Odin’s wrath.

Not exactly reaching Valhalla.

Oh boy, the cab-drive trip was killing me! The city’s finest night time wonders, beautifully lit historical buildings I might add, were swooshing by our windows while Odin is still yapping shop talk; pulling our attention in and out of this spectacle because he recently introduced questions to his story. The cab driver however was okay, he made sure…… Continue reading Not exactly reaching Valhalla.

Arriving at destination can take forever.

I knew this day was coming. Yet as normal, I try to be detached about it for as long as possible to contain myself. I get excited easy, but more even so as this was the first day I actually got to travel for work. I need a certain nonchalance to counter this ‘excitement’ up until the point of the last day of work before the event. That was Yesterday.

Happy New Year!!!

And a good year it will be! I have always said that nothing worse can happen as last year’s ‘events’, but somehow I always repeat that same sentence about 12 months or so later. It’s a cycle of adaption. As you get used to the last year’s negativities, you make room for new ones, it…… Continue reading Happy New Year!!!