Oh dear, we have to stop seeing each other..

Here’s a thing that’s going through my mind as a gamer once and a while and I’m sure fellow ‘holy’ hobbiests can confirm similar thoughts: “Boy, my backlog is beyond huge now, but I will have shitloads to play when I’m in old.” Well if you are like me, here’s me sounding like a douchebag:…… Continue reading Oh dear, we have to stop seeing each other..

Oh gosh, has it been that long?

Haven’t we all made promises just for the sake of stating promises? Haven’t we all felt that there’s less and less weight to promises made by you in text? Have you ever considered even yourself an easy target to break a promise with? Well dear slightly interested person of the wild wild web, I do too often,…… Continue reading Oh gosh, has it been that long?

Happy New Year!!!

And a good year it will be! I have always said that nothing worse can happen as last year’s ‘events’, but somehow I always repeat that same sentence about 12 months or so later. It’s a cycle of adaption. As you get used to the last year’s negativities, you make room for new ones, it…… Continue reading Happy New Year!!!