Odin’s wrath.

Red flags encounting, our host seems to be an incontrollable factor in even the most chic places, like the ‘Boss’s restaurant’. He did not even try to impress anyone anymore and I started to get worried about the bill suddenly.

It’s time to add a paella-pan table to ours to expand I think, luckily Jesus was helping me out on clearing bits of Odin’s domain. Also luckily: our glasses were kept full by Odin, since we needed to join his clan, in some make-shift drunk initiation ceremony.

Here was when I just remembered something: what about the other two gentlemen that would join later all mysteriously?

I ask Jesus about them, but he’s pre-occupied again, this time with damage control. Because we were still pulling attention. Still not surprising, we were noisy and waiters kept rolling up to our table trying to fill it between the bottles, glasses and all kinds of sized mini dishes Odin didn’t finish. But I wasn’t too sure if this attention was a good thing, seeing some of the earlier mentioned gents around the tables looking at us too.

“Hey Odin” I finally asked. “Who are the two other people that would join later?”

“Work people…I think, usually it’s work people.” He ensured me. “Drink up though, I just ordered another round…”

Oh I bet there’s something wrong with that.

More food rolled in. I’m chewing on unlimited tapas now and Jesus and Odin appear to have gotten drunk too (or too drunk) and started ordering some spirits for us. So never mind the mystery guests anymore, because soon afterwards I got ‘especially’ drunk myself, not to mention Jesus and Odin.

By the time when we finally got joined by two new suits, Odin had left and I can’t begin to remember what they were about. Honestly. Like we were in a nightclub or something. I remember telling one slightly about our company in Amsterdam and one of them got really interested in how our old management had functioned in the industry. That’s it. I can’t believe I had told him a good story either, but somehow he gave his full attention. The other one was likely chatting with Jesus, but since they had moved towards some lounge chairs and I had lost verbal contact with them.

We were seriously drunk and each of us got stuck drinking with new ‘soberer’ suits, the table was an absolute mess, but somehow acceptable in this place. Since I haven’t seen Odin in a while, I had now acquired full rights to excuse myself and walked off appearing to be searching for our mutual acquaintance.

To take a ‘breather’, and maybe even locate Odin in the process, I went out to the balcony. After a smoke outside I went back to have a look around but obviously I wasn’t trying too hard. The influent one-sided conversation I just went through had left a worse aftertaste than my cigarette did. Odin was gone, I couldn’t find him anywhere near the toilets either but went in anyways and took the liberty to let my salmon swim in the river. When my body told me it’s safe again I stumbled out of my cubicle to wash my face and check for spots and specks. Well done: I liberated the salmon almost spotlessly.

Then suddenly Jesus came in all white and sweaty, also taking liberties, but more to the left and right, not centre in the middle of the cubicle. I checked my phone if I’d missed any messages from our host but then realised my phone didn’t get charged all day. After some organic sounds from Jesus’s cubicle, I looked out for Odin as a distraction. I couldn’t see him nor our mysterious guests anywhere. What the hell was in the booze? We only had…uhhh…lots of dizzying amounts of mixes and foreign beers while Odin was curing us with shots. What was the benefit of having dinner like this, how did I end up acting like the Romans? Jesus came out and we spent some time to look fresh again, meaning: removing drool and washing our bloodshot eyes. I was happy those other suits were gone, I had no idea how to entertain them anyway, how did we get stuck with them?

Suddenly Odin walked into the toilet, looking somewhat disappointed at us. I wasn’t sure if the disappointment was in our manhood or our ability to fuck up his apparent strip club night somehow. But -since he’s here- it was time for a cab and maybe the bill? The restaurant had cabs plenty in front, we just have to get the bill paid and get the fuck out. With some help of course. Besides, we only had made a fool of ourselves in the toilets, no-one was onto this yet. Right?

Red flags all over the place tonight, we had lost touch completely. We lost mission objective as we slowly realised Odin’s path was not meant to be followed or observed, but just to be ignored. I felt was innocent, as these two gentlemen should obviously be more responsible than 21-year-old me. Haha.

“What happened to the Press people?” Odin asked while looking around for evidence of our evidence surf and turf.

“Press people?!?” we both shout.

“Yeah those, what happened?” as he stood there in the sour smell in the opening of the gentlemen’s toilets looking serious for the first time tonight.

Surely we did not fuck up tonight, I knew our appearance was not sparkly at the moment, but Odin had been all over the place all night, how did we end up ruining his?

“You told me they were work people, colleagues!” I shouted, and rhetorically asked: “What the hell man?”

With Jesus composing himself quickly he just repeated: “…the hell man!?”

“Ha-ha, don’t worry guys, they were just here to write about me, you won’t be showing up in any magazines soon.” he chuckled. “Thanks for getting rid of them by the way, I didn’t feel good hiding at the bar.”

“Thanks for showing us clubbing your arrogant bastard, we have to do this again tomorrow you know…this is your fault!” Jesus finally exhausted.

Odin never apologised for anything, we knew we have been used but it was pointless to press the issue further. Besides, staying here any longer would be bad.

We decided to let Odin do his magic with the people inside, while Jesus and me struggled towards the exit, I was so happy to leave. It looked like we had a wedding inside. I had never experienced a scene like that yet, but found it immensely funny after the toilet trip. We had gone off into the night hours ago, with me expecting big drama before getting hopefully to a normal club, where I’d feel at home. Instead I was the weakest link and we didn’t make it passed the restaurant. At the end I was even struggling not to befoul the cab with colourful laughter from the backseat. We had a great night.

“Better perform well tomorrow at their office.” Jesus ordered me when we left the cab at Kalvin square. “And err…Are you up for a night cap at the hotel bar?”.

“Uhm sure, I could with less of that attitude…dude” I explained.

“Sorry man, let me make it up with you, by using our company credit there hehe” Jesus ‘apologised’ while handing me a lighter for my sigarette.

‘Groovy’, I expect we can just charge to our room numbers…Let’s meet the barman.” I exhaled.

To be continued…

PS: That picture is totally unrelated, but the general flow of the story gave it justice.


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