Happy New Year!!!

And a good year it will be! I have always said that nothing worse can happen as last year’s ‘events’, but somehow I always repeat that same sentence about 12 months or so later. It’s a cycle of adaption.

As you get used to the last year’s negativities, you make room for new ones, it never fails. As heavy as last year’s –I don’t know- shit my pants might have felt, something more menial could pop up in the next few weeks that gets an immediate first place. Like: Forgetting to buy new shorts.

But then again, the best thing about all of us getting older every year, is of course: giving less and less than two shits about stuff like that. So what am I actually saying?

Getting old is the boom-diggedy!

I’m liking this so much more than let’s say, 17 years ago, when I was still filled with huge expectations and was dragging around much more, to stay in line with the rest: luggage in my shorts. Sure it was a time where internet was less full of real-life spoilers, like fellow blogger @ Topiclessbar once noted, which made life more exciting and adventurous. But giving less about the little things life is a much happier ride:

Not sure you are able to catch that bus? Don’t run, there will be others. Not sure how to approach that person of the interested sex? Don’t hesitate, try it anyway and surely there will be others too, whatever the outcome. In essence in life, you will learn to live less in the moment, and more with your timeless convictions.

Without further delay, I don’t want to be much of a dick, but get out there in 2017 people! Reading or writing is more fun when you have experience(s) to compare it to. I sound way more interesting on the topic of buying shorts, as you might’ve shat your pants before. Don’t I? Or you know ‘someone’ who did, of course.

I wish everyone lots of love and hope for a more peaceful 2017!!



Warning, small site related paragraphs incoming!

About the site: Few things will change here, as I have been selecting my past endeavours, only a few have made it as I’m cutting the hell out of them. This is because I realise my style of writing is not fit for daily or weekly Blog posts, there are just too many paragraphs and usually one story is about 2500 words. No-one can be arsed to read big blocks like that, unless they are a huge fan of the topic. So I will have to decide the next few weeks to keep cutting up my short stories in less than 600 word chunks, or start writing more compactly per topic. Although more fitting, the latter doesn’t work for me as I’m continuously writing from the experience of the beholder. That way I have paved the path to include (hopefully) more dialogue and personal stupidities, which I will keep humbly admitting.

To get better in this, the coming of the editor is a welcome feat. As I’m writing as I non-natively speak (yes, English), I’m told I’m sometimes not making sense, unless you have met me. What the hell does that imply? I’m not sure myself, but since my future editor is also a partner in crime, you will not miss out on anything. I will edit some posts here and there, as per suggestion, correct my categories into tags and avoid stealing more internet pictures to illustrate. But all this will be WIP behind curtains from now on, I’m here not to talk only shop, that’d be boring.


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