Impulse drives you nowhere.

They were right, and to some, impolite. Same as me. Fuck the map! Feel the city and walk a bit. Preferably towards a livelier place. I left BK and headed through a street that looked like it would end up somewhere crowdie, but crowdie didn’t happen.

I went further down and noticed a cool looking sign with ‘Guru-Outdoor’ in a side street and passed the place to have a look. It looked too smart for me. I wanted something more undergroundy, I’d feel more relaxed. Something Bohemian perhaps? Been running around all day, and it was time for a drink anyway, want to meet some people.

While walking back to the main road, I spotted a video rental shop and wondered what would be promoted. It had written “English movies” on it’s window, but skip all that because I already wandered inside walking towards the counter. The young looking guy behind it surely knew laid back places in this or other parts of town. I mean he looked the part. Yes I was positively prejudice. He set me off in a 3 phase journey that involved different landmarks in the area, had I brought my camera it would’ve been worth the trip, but it ended me up in fucking Oktogon again in just over ten minutes. Really great.

Oh? Did I tell you that Oktogon also had a KFC? There is where you learn about a place further away, one I couldn’t write down properly or remember the name of, but yet again reachable by another metro. Sigh.

It was around 23:00 by this time, I left the Kalvin square around 18:30.. Fuck it lets do this, I need closure!

Let me start of by saying I’m going to hold back on the coloured lines stuff. Since I got to the series of connecting lines all fine and dandy. This metro was more like a tram though, narrower and looked fragile as it was sporting wooden elements all over. After leaving the lit tunnels behind us it felt for a moment like sitting in a mine cart, but then more luxurious. Until…

imagesSuddenly the metro stopped.

The lights went out, I realised there was no-one there anymore. I could just hear my own breathing. When had it gotten so empty? Was I the last to go to this place to have closure? Why am I suddenly caring about what’s happening at ‘Guru-Outdoor’?The driver comes into action. A slight fear buzz kicks in: I was not in possession of a valid ticket anymore at this point.

I heard some mechanical sounds then some steps on metal and finally the sounds of his heavy shoes walking through subway tunnel would muffle more and more. ‘Clonk’. Then the bastard walks suddenly very loudly as if he was close all the time, in fact he was really. He passes by my window and gets the universal ‘hiya’ wave verrry casually from me. He walks all the way to the far end of the metro and starts it up again. Lights turn on.

He looked like a miner, that was totally unrelated but he also doesn’t care about my ticket, in any case.

So I had freaked out too early twice now.

Luckily Mr. miner metro driver continues in the right direction. My stop is coming up, I somehow feel the need to wave the miner goodbye, since no ticket drama happened, but that would look weird maybe. No definitely.


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