Oktogon! I choo-choo choose you!

Arriving at the subway station was where ‘trusty’ map had lost it’s merit for a while. Note to self: ask directions at the subway station next time, don’t pull out ‘trusty’ map too soon.

I felt like going down 500m of escalator to get to some of the coloured lines that make up part of the Budapest subway system, in fact: the escalators are just really really steep from what I’m used to. This system runs very deep though, also very unlike Amsterdam.

I’m looking apparently for the blue line direction ‘let me guess’, and from it I have to take the yellow line, then after two stops I should be there. All according helpful passerby’s and to ‘new trusty’ map, provisioned by Metro Budapest. Of course when I exited the blue metro line, there was nothing but red line. No yellow for kilometers. Super disappointed in ‘new trusty’ map reading skills.

I dare ask again and follow someone infinite escalators back to –sorry I’m getting too much into this coloured line stuff- where the yellow line is finally.


You see, being stupid I didn’t realize these lines are separated many levels from each other, I freaked out too early. Taking the yellow for three stops from here should be all it takes to finally get there. Damn the first passerby to tell me only two stops, but also shame on me for not checking ‘new trusty’ map properly after being already super disappointed in skills earlier. I get on, in the right direction I got the impression.

I’m near Oktogon now, only one stop to go. The only things on my mind are ‘food’ followed by ‘soon’.

Moving up the escalators and quickly out, I ignore all what touristic Budapest mystery location Oktogon had on offer for me, and shamelessly find the nearest burger I could sink my teeth in to. Time to take out old ‘trusty’ again, because the view I had whilst eating a whopper and looking out at Oktogon was nothing like imagined, of course. Not even legendary.

Oktogon is really just another cross-section: busy-ish like Kalvin square minus subterranean bums. But has an added Burger King.

I have to give this place some justice, the eight-sided Oktogon (hence it’s name) connects the ‘Grand Boulevard’ and Andrássy út. On the FOUR corners that make the square, four neo-Rennaissance buildings define the Oktogon. Impressive when standing there and seeing it in the brick.

It is also the host to the M1 yellow metro line I am so fond of. There are more reasons to like the square of course, but I remained short-sighted during my stay in Budapest.


It’s not the circus I originally thought it would be, but just like what I asked for, a ‘busy square’. I didn’t care, I was content, for like another 5 minutes or so. That’s when the act of eating the burger and such will finish, and the euphoria ends…fast.

Grabbed my ‘trusty’ centerfold and started to look for the next place to inspire me.

I was oozing tourist all over my table, a defeated look, chewing on whopper but never swallowing, checking out ‘trusty’ the fucking map? I felt an obvious stare at me coming in from the left, I glanced over to the couple there when the guy just pointed at me, I nodded/smiled “Yes. Tourist” to them. They smile back.

We can all turn back around now.

Deodorant failure: imminent.


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